11. Jun, 2022

Total CBD Power… in Your Cells… in Seconds

Total CBD Power… in Your Cells… in Seconds

 They’re calling it the “miracle molecule.” The “wonder herb.” “The health breakthrough of the 21st century.” 

 CBD is sweeping America. It’s transforming our approach to health in remarkable ways.

 Americans age 50+ are reporting miraculous results — support for healthier joints, mood, sleep, and stress.

Just by taking CBD alone — and nothing else.

 In 12,782 studies… 

 Researchers have uncovered that CBD supports better health in 295 ways. That means 295 different health benefits.

 And most importantly, they’ve uncovered how:

 By tapping into a network that exists in every cell, a network that is designed to work with CBD… 

 Our cells are rejuvenated and restored to their healthy, youthful state.

This is how CBD really transforms our health.

 But whether you’re already taking CBD, or just thinking about it, you need to see this new discovery…

 Because according to researchers at the New York University School of Medicine... 

Without This One Crucial Thing… You Might As Well Throw Your CBD Oil in the Trash!


According to researchers, without this one crucial thing, your CBD oil is rendered useless.

In this study, when CBD oil was administered, only 6% actually got past the cell membrane. In other words… 

 Ninety-four percent of the CBD went completely to waste!

 It did NOT get to our cells… where all the real health effects happen.

And that’s bad news…

Because millions of Americans taking CBD oil are missing out on critical support for…

  • Healthy neural stem cell growth to give you a “young again” brain 
  • Healthy blood pressure 
  • Comfortable joint function
  • Healthy pancreatic b-cells, to promote healthy insulin levels
  • Healthy brain cells
  • Healthy heart 
  • ​“De-age” brain health 
  • Healthy blood sugar 

These are results proven in peer-reviewed studies by Oxford, Johns Hopkins, and the Salk Institute.

Results you can’t see with nearly any CBD oil on the market.

Isn’t it sad that we don’t have a reliable source of something so powerful — and so proven — as CBD oil?

 That’s why our team has spent the last 24 months working on something very important...

 A way to do what all CBD oils fail to achieve:

Get the maximum amount of CBD inside our cells… in a fraction of the time.

 And now they’ve done it.

 We’ve developed a new technology that unleashes TOTAL CBD relief…

15-times more, to be exact...[3] Instantly... With a single 1-second spray. 

Three Critical Amplifiers That Deliver TOTAL CBD Relief 

We’ve combined several new technologies to maximize CBD’s healing potential, starting with…

1. “Nano CBD” for MAXIMUM CELLULAR ABSORPTION — Nanotechnology gets 1,500% more CBD past the cell membrane… rejuvenating your cells to their young, normal, healthy state.[4]

 And two others… 

 2. Vaporizing Technology for LIGHTING-FAST DELIVERY — vaporizer delivers CBD to your cells in SECONDS after swallowing.[5]

 3. High-Potency CBD Dose for Amplified Results — With each bottle you get lab-confirmed 200 mg of high-potency CBD, giving you the same amount used in the clinical studies. We use a CO2 process that extracts a high dose of pure CBD from the hemp plant — while eliminating toxins, impurities and chemicals. 

 All three things turn CBD from just a healthy plant compound... into a superior healing technology…

 One that supports “young again” heart[6], eyes[7], brain[8], lungs[9], and more.

 This finally delivers on everything we’ve been promised about CBD!

What this means for you is simple: 

Total CBD Power… in Your Cells… in Seconds

These three technologies are now, for the first time, combined in one single formula. We call it Cool Relief

 CBD Has 295 HUGE

Potential Health Rejuvenating Benefits!

All WITHOUT the “high”… or any side effects.

What Peer-Reviewed Research Is Saying About CBD...

 Because cannabinoid receptors are found in so many places in the body, they are crucial for our health. In fact, they play a significant role in regulating many bodily functions like: 

  • Sleep
  • Appetite, digestion, hunger
  • Mood
  • ​Motor control
  • ​Immune function
  • Discomfort
  • Reproduction and fertility
  • Pleasure and reward
  • ​Memory
  • ​Temperature regulation

Imagine these cellular receptors as a set of locks, each with corresponding keys, chemical compounds called “agonists.”

 Each time an agonist binds to a cell, it relays a message, giving the cell an instruction.


The agonists, or keys, that activate these receptors are the cannabinoids.

“[CBD] turned back the
molecular clock.”

The Most Powerful Support for Brain  Stem Cells 

Stem cells, if you haven’t heard of them, are the body’s repair mechanism.

They’re ushering in a whole new revolution in regenerative medicine.

 They support the replacement of dying cells with new young ones. 

When we’re younger, our brain uses stem cells to generate 5,000 new nerve cells daily — a process known as “neurogenesis.”

 But how does the brain turn stem cells into neurons? 

 Scientists are just uncovering the mysteries of this process. And now the answer is here:

 It’s the endocannabinoid system.

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