Help Others Experience PRIME Living with Now Life Style


10. May, 2018


Help Others Experience PRIME Living with Now Life Style


We take care of everything in a Global Trillion Dollar Industry

          YES.. here at NowLifestyle we truly "Build Your Downline For You"
                    so that you get paid fast!!

         This was by far my very best webinar yet and you can watch the replay at:



We take care of everything in a Global Trillion Dollar Industry

          YES.. here at NowLifestyle we truly "Build Your Downline For You"
                    so that you get paid fast!!

         This was by far my very best webinar yet and you can watch the replay at:


Live webinar today Wednesday March 28






Live webinar today Wednesday March 28,

2018 at 9am Pacific, 11am Central and 12pm Noon Eastern



Live in our conference room (bring your guests with the link below)






Dots News 10  Hey Readers,

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Imagine how great it will feel to have a healthy memory and mind for life.

3 Nobel-Prize-Winning Breakthroughs That Work Together

to Make Memory Problems a Thing of the Past


If you suffer from memory problems,

then this may be the most exciting

news you read this year


You can stop brain aging in its tracks by blocking inflammation. You can prevent your brain from shrinking by growing new brain cells. You can even undo the damage done by tau tangles and free radicals.

Imagine how great it will feel to have a healthy memory and mind for life. Imagine how great it will feel to enjoy life without the fear, frustration, and embarrassment of memory lapses. That’s right, no more forgetting what you walked into a room for … what you’re going to say in midsentence … where you parked your car … or where you put your keys, eyeglasses, or cellphone.

More importantly, Advanced Memory Formula has worked for tens of thousands of people. It can work for you, too. You can get your memory back and keep your mind sharp at any age.

Blocks Inflammation and Stops Brain Aging in Its Tracks

If you have memory problems, it could be due to inflammation. Inflammation can give you brain fog and cloudy thinking. It can disrupt your attention and make it harder for you to focus on a task. And it can cause you to suddenly forget names or words you know well.

The good news is, studies show luteolin can block inflammation and stop brain aging in its tracks. 

If you bought the 12 nutrients in Advanced Memory Formula separately, you could easily spend over $180 a month. And you’d have no guarantee on the quality of these nutrients.

But if you take Advanced Memory Formula, you can rest assured that each of the 12 nutrients in it is of the highest quality possible. Plus, it’s much easier to get these nutrients in one single supplement, rather than having to mix and match them yourself. Or having to take 12 different pills!


Try Advanced Memory Formula at the lowest price… and Get FREE shipping too!

If you bought the 12 nutrients in Advanced Memory Formula separately, you could easily spend over $180 a month. And you’d have no guarantee on the quality of these nutrients.

But if you take Advanced Memory Formula, you can rest assured that each of the 12 nutrients in it is of the highest quality possible. Plus, it’s much easier to get these nutrients in one single supplement, rather than having to mix and match them yourself. Or having to take 12 different pills!

And you save money, too…

For the Biggest Savings and the Lowest Price per Bottle, Try the 6-Month Pack…

If you’re really serious about maintaining a healthy memory for the long-run — and saving the most money — then you should try the 6-Month Best-Value Pack.

A 6-month supply is just $199.50. This is by far the best value, because you save $40.20 off the regular price. Plus you get FREE shipping and handling.

Down-to-the-Last-Pill Guarantee

I know how effective Advanced Memory Formula is. And I stand by this amazing formula. In fact, I guarantee Advanced Memory Formula two ways:


1. YOU WILL see an improvement in your memory in as little as 3 weeks. Guaranteed or your money back.

2. YOU WILL continue to see dramatic improvements after 3 weeks. That’s because Advanced Memory Formula works for the long term.

If you don’t see any improvement in your memory within 3 weeks … or if you’re not satisfied with Advanced Memory Formula for any reason whatsoever … simply return the empty bottle(s) within 90 days for a full refund of every penny you paid, including shipping and handling. You only pay return shipping. No questions asked, no exceptions, no fine print.

Either you’re absolutely thrilled with the results you get… or you pay nothing.

Click Here to take advantage of this no-risk way to set yourself free from the fear of an aging mind!

Frankly, I think ordering a 6-month supply is a no-lose proposition. Because if you’re not satisfied, you can simply return the empty bottles within 90 days and get all your money back. And if you are satisfied, you get to pay the lowest price per bottle.

In addition to being the best value, a 6-month supply also gives your body time to feel the full effects. That’s why I suggest you take advantage of this offer. But I’ll leave the decision up to you.

Ordering is easy to do. Just order below, or call 1-800-791-3395 any time of day or night, 7 days a week.

Yours for excellent health,



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A New Alert From Joel Therien

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I received this email just a few hours ago from Joel Therien.

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For the past 3 months has been in the Pre Enrollment phase looking for top leaders in the Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing Industry.


I love GVO & Pureleverage because it has changed the lives of thousands of people and made 9 millionaires. However, because GVO & Pureleverage are business to business tools I have always felt a deeper calling...


Because of technology and video games and bad lifestyle changes it is estimated by the "World Health Organization" that for the very first time ever today's children will NOT live as old as their parents or grand parents did on average!!



[+] Kids for the first time will not live as old as their parents
[+] Obesity is now and Epidemic
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Dermabalm - leave your skin feeling soothed, supple and irritation-free within minutes


Every Year More Than 150,000 People Die Of Cardiovascular Disease


DIGEST GOLD Premium Enzyme Formula

Doctors discover the REAL culprit behind 75% of 'mystery' ailments and conditions…


But, thanks to this award-winning advance, you can now harness the healing power of one of Nature's biggest secrets to help put an end to symptoms such as...

... chronic fatigue... headaches and brain fog... indigestion and acid reflux... joint pain and stiffness... allergies... skin problems... plus many more...

...for mere pennies, and so fast that symptoms begin to disappear from the very first dose!


Dear health-savvy friend,

Stop me if this sounds familiar...

You've been suffering with indigestion, acid reflux or heartburn for some time now...

And, for no apparent reason, you've begun to experience 'mysterious' symptoms, like:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Allergies
  • Eczema
  • Headache, brain fog and dizziness
  • Asthma
  • Skin problems
  • Joint pain
  • ...and more.

Your doctor can't explain the cause, but sure as anything he prescribes you a cocktail of drugs to treat the symptoms...

But, these never quite do the trick...

And neither you, nor your doctor, are any closer to nailing the true culprit in this 'whodunnit'...

Welcome to the very real world of 15 million people in the UK – and many, many millions more around the globe - who suffer as a result of their malfunctioning gut.

But, whilst your doctor may keep telling you that your problems are more likely to be in your head than in your gut, latest cutting edge research is proving him wrong..


Good health - and freedom from disease - cannot exist with too few enzymes

If you didn’t have thousands of enzymes beavering away throughout your gastro-intestinal tract then...


...your gut wouldn’t be able to break your food down and digest it properly… wouldn’t be able to absorb all the health-giving nutrients you need in order to produce your body’s stores of energy


...and undigested food particles wouldn’t get carted away as waste


When this happens, a toxic soup of decaying matter begins to leak back into your bloodstream from your colon, and plays havoc with your health causing you all kinds of mystifying symptoms that you and your doctor just can’t unravel.


Thanks to this revolutionary breakthrough in enzyme therapy you can now top up your enzymes with every meal... and give yourself bags more energy at the same time.


The even better news is that - unlike other similar products - this unique patented formulation not only

works throughout your whole gastro-intestinal tract to reduce stress and inflammation in your digestive system, but it's also...

  • THREE times more potent
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...than the next best product in its class.


Introducing DIGEST GOLD...
The Multi Award-Winning Enzyme Formula


DIGEST GOLD Premium Enzyme Formula rides to the rescue when your gut just can’t keep up with producing all the enzymes you need for proper digestion.


This multi-award winning formula combines THIRTEEN different enzymes in a unique Thera-blend™ formulation...


And whilst each enzyme plays its own critically important, individual role...... together they ensure your digestive system functions in full flowing a finely tuned orchestra...


Unique powerhouse formulation is THREE times stronger, SIX times faster-acting... and versatile enough to work in ALL areas of the digestive system

But that’s not all...against other blended products Enzymedica’s Thera-blend™gunned them all down...


Begins Working in TEN short minutes...


So, sign up for a regular monthly shipment, then the job's done!


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An easy decision made even easier!
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And if you take me up on my risk-free guarantee today, I'll promise that you'll neither be disappointed nor that you'll risk a single penny of what I believe will be the best investment in your health that you'll ever make.


The Tinnitus Solution



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You’ll feel like a NEW YOU with Omega Rejuvenol!

For nearly 30 years, I was an advocate of fish oil.
But today, I’m telling my patients to:

“Forget fish oil, forever!
I’ve just found something

800% better!”


This new discovery is revolutionizing the way I’m helping my patients look, act and feel younger and overcome their worst health problems. It’s a secret that helps unleash the full power of Omega-3 fatty acids—something that’s three generations ahead of any fish oil!


Now, I’ve found something light years ahead — something far better that solves the hidden problems of fish oil. It brings together, for the first time in medical history, TWO UNIQUE SOURCES OF OMEGA-3s that solve all of the problems of fish oil and unleash the full healing power of Omega-3s.

Best yet, it’s now available to you in a new one-each day soft gel - called:

Omega Rejuvenol

This anti-aging formula brought to you by the cutting-edge laboratories atPrimal Force, will not only boost your heart health and fight ongoing heart concerns... ...but it will also support healthy cholesterol, sharp vision, great blood sugar, terrific triglycerides, smooth moving joints and great memory... all while saving you loads of time and money!


This is why I’ve added this unique squid oil to my supercharged, super-rich Omega Rejuvenol. Each daily serving gives you a healthy supply of squid oil (calamarine oil), making Omega Rejuvenol like a DHA express train!


You’ll feel like a NEW YOU with Omega Rejuvenol!


  • Learn new things—like complicated computer skills or a foreign language
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That’So how much would you expect to pay for your very own supply of the heart-heath boosting, cardiovascular-system supporting, energy feeling Omega Rejuvenol formula?


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“The Fastest Way to Cure Angular Cheilitis”

“Professors Predicted I Would Never Cure My Angular Cheilitis. But Contrary to their Prediction, I Cured It Easily, Permanently & In a Few Hours! I'll Show You How...”



“The Fastest Way to Cure Angular Cheilitis”

Angular Cheilitis Free Forever™ is the fastest way of curing Angular Cheilitis in the comfort of your own home. The best part is that it’s safe, all-natural, non-irritating and it works!

Angular Cheilitis Free Forever™ will safely and effectively free you from Angular Cheilitis and all its symptoms in just a few hours - permanently!


“You’re Not Alone!”

It’s true. You’re not alone. There are millions of people affected with Angular Cheilitis.

You see, Angular Cheilitis is nothing more than having a nutritional deficiency in vitamin B12 and iron or an infection caused by yeast or bacteria.

But, even though it sounds simple, getting rid of it is a totally different story...

You will : 


Cure Angular Cheilitis - by using a simple, natural and very effective solution. 


Fast Results - You’ll start seeing results in as little as a few hours.


A Natural Cure - You won’t experience side effects of any kind. In fact, the skin around your mouth will be left looking clean without corner cracks and splits.


Cheap & Saves You Time - Eliminate your problem without being dependent upon a Doctor or Dermatologist expensive medications or over the counter products. 


Drug Free - A holistic angular cheilitis cure without any drugs or supplements involved.



Look Normal Again - Stop the Swelling, Redness and Tenderness around your mouth area. 


Safe For All Skin Types - It doesn't matter if your skin is oily, dry, or sensitive, you can be sure that it will work and not harm you in any way.


Permanent Solution - Cure Angular Cheilitis from the Source so that it will never reoccur again.


Enhance Your Social Life - Talk or Smile Freely without the constant worry that people are starring at you. 


A Proven Angular Cheilitis Cure - Already Used Successfully by thousands of sufferers around the world.




Pain-Free Forever

Dear Reader, 

In the past decade some incredible breakthroughs and discoveries have been made which could completely change the types of medical solutions we will use in the future. 

Did you know, for example, that:


  • The 1.2 million people suffering from the pain of Fibromyalgia in the UK could experience complete remission just by eliminating two artificial additives from their diet?
  • 73% of eczema sufferers made a full recovery just from taking a simple but often over-looked supplement?
  • Horseradish root has been found to be as effective as antibiotics in treating certain conditions?
  • Regular use of ibuprofen and aspirin could double your risk of heart failurebreast cancer and peptic ulcers?

Information like this could transform the lives of millions of people throughout the world..........

Yet this crucial medical advice is unlikely to reach the public for many years to come...


Why should you suffer when alternatives exist that could offer you total remission or longed for relief from pain?

Got a specific condition that you just can’t seem to clear?   A suffering spouse?  Parents in pain? 

This just might be the book that helps you find the solution for good . . .

If you or those you know suffer from any form of pain, this new book, ‘PAIN-FREE FOREVER’ could help find the miracle you’ve been praying for.  Click here to order your copy now and save £5.00 on the normal price.

In the pages of this incredible and long-awaited book you will find a full section of specific advice for almost every condition that causes pain and suffering. 

And this time it’s natural...  

But what about the latest pain relief methods in general? What pills will you be popping in ten years time (or now if you read this book today) in place of your Nurofen Plus or CoCodamol? 

But will it work for YOU?

Whenever you suffer from a pain or a condition that you’ve been living with for years, it’s often hard to believe that a cure could be possible. Indeed, your doctors have probably told you many times over already that this is just something that you’re always going to have to live with. 

But what if you were like the lady you’ll read about on page 17 who had suffered unbearable pain in her back and hip for as long as she could remember - but then experienced complete relief by taking a supplement made from the bark of a tree? 


Understand the causes of your own pains - then learn how to eradicate them from your life 

And this is what this new book - 'PAIN-FREE FOREVER' - is all about. It is about bringing you the cures that will be transforming lives in the future into YOUR living room and YOUR LIFE today. 

Whatever conditions you suffer from - even if it’s just recurrent headaches or a nagging back - this book could do so much to educate you about pain and help you eradicate it and its causes from your life. 

It could also enable you to help and heal so many of the people you love around you who are suffering so much more than they need to. 





Treasury Of Health Remedies

Dear Friends

I have today received very important information from Rachael Linkie the Editor of Journal of Natural Health Solutions in which she offers all, or any of you who have a health challenge to watch the video given in her letter, and take necesssary action to safe guard your health in ever possible way. 


Attention British Citizens,   31.1.16

If you were born before October 1960, you're at Immediate Risk. 

There is a potentially deadly conspiracy that is sweeping Britain, and if you're over 55, you're particularly at risk... 

This is a conspiracy so corrupt, it makes the MPs' expenses scandal, the European horse meat fiasco, and even the hospital superbug crisis look innocent by comparison. This is an urgent warning and is not being reported by most mainstream media. 

To learn how to protect yourself and your family, please click here for this informational presentation. 

Please, do not delay. Get the complete details on the warning here. 

Yours in health, 

Rachael Linkie 
Journal of Natural Health Solutions 

P.S. According to a landmark University of Liverpool study, this conspiracy could be responsible for more than one death EVERY HOUR! Please protect yourself by going here.









 Dear Loyal Reader, 

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of this little gem of a device that relieves all manner of chronic pain — such as joint pain, back pain, sprains, repetitive strain injury, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, and much more. 

Not only is it a revolutionary class 2a medical device that's non-invasive and perfectly safe to use, but the best thing about it is that it involves NO drugs, NO injections and definitely NO surgery. 

But, I was literally blown away by a letter we received this week from one of our customers that really bought home what this device can do... 


Dear Sirs, 

Around 2002, I was told by my doctor that I had osteoarthritis in both knees and my right hip. At the time I was in almost constant pain and was prepared to try almost anything to gain relief. 

So I let my GP prescribe painkillers: 600mg of Ibuprofen three times daily plus 75mg of aspirin daily — the latter as a 'safeguard' against possible thrombosis, which was not even suspected, let alone present. 

I led a sensible and healthy lifestyle, and saw no reason to question my GP's advice. Since then, bitter experience has taught me to check thoroughly all advice given to me by the medical profession! Sometimes it is sound, but too frequently it can be downright dangerous. Let me explain... 

I was on the painkillers for six years. Ibuprofen dulled my pain, but also steadily increased my blood pressure, which until then had been entirely normal. 

Although the aspirin no doubt prevented thrombosis forming (it may not have formed anyway), it also increased my risk of internal haemorrhage. 

Then the inevitable happened early in 2008, when I had a massive stroke. Thanks to prompt action by paramedics, I survived, although I was left with disability, weakness, and severe pain in my left arm and leg... just what I needed with osteoarthritis! 

Clearly, I couldn't take ibuprofen and aspirin any longer... 

That's when I found out about Painsolv... 

From almost the very first treatment I gained more relief — in knees, hip, and now arm and hand — than anything I
had tried before. 

Five years on, I still use it daily. It takes up very little time. It is totally portable, fitting easily into a jacket pocket; and it requires no preparation for use. 

It really is a case of place it above the appropriate spot, press the start button, and wait for it to switch off. 
Job done... and pain gone almost instantly. 

Just occasionally I permit myself one 500mg Panadol tablet, if for any reason I have been unable to use my Painsolv, but this is rarely necessary more than once a week. Pain during the night no longer troubles me. 

As you may know, 
I have just ordered a second Painsolv (the new mark 5 version). After five and a half years of daily use, I feel my original one might benefit from a service. Although it's still working, I don't want to risk being without one. 

My blood pressure is normal, there are no symptoms of cardiovascular problems, and I shall never again take or do anything that will prejudice either. 

Painsolv provides me with total relief from pain, and I can't help reflecting that had I heard of it sooner, my almost-fatal stroke would not have occurred. Watch This Painsolv
If this letter or any part of it is likely to help you promote your product, you have my full permission to use it. And perhaps I should add that, as you know, I have no financial or other interest in promoting Painsolv other than that of helping others to gain from it the relief I have experienced. 

Yours sincerely, 

Dr H Smith, BSc, MA, ScD, PhD


Glad we could help you, Dr Smith! 

Rachael Linkie 
Agora Health 

P.S. If you or a loved one currently suffers ANY pain, it makes no sense to suffer any longer. And don't forget — there's a 60-day, risk-free trial on this life changing device. So you, too, can try it — risk free — with complete peace of mind...





 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here is an offer from Rachael Linkie, Editor for Agora Health, this could make a great Christmas gift for all who suffer the constant misery of back pain.

It would certainly be a great help during this Christmas period when we seem to expend a lot of energy, and I am sure that special someone, that you really care about, would be delighted to receive the relief it brings to cope with the endless shopping trips in preparation for Christmas.

This little device is beautifully simple, yet devastatingly effective when it comes to doing what it does best... getting right to the epicentre of all those difficult-to-reach knots and tense muscles in your back, neck and shoulders. 

This device “The Back Nodger” will help you instantly relieve

  • Muscular knots and tightness
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Frozen Neck and Shoulder
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Tendonitis
  • Crick Neck or Neck Pains
  • Tension Headaches
  • Poor Workplace Posture Problems
  • Pregnancy Postural Related Pains
  • Slipped Disc Pain
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome 

No fuss, no mess, no batteries... and no costly massage or therapist fees. 


The beauty of this ingenious device is that...

  • It will NEVER break, or wear out.
  • It'll prove a friend for life... not only for you, but for your whole family.
  • And perhaps most of all, it will show that special someone that you really care about them. 

No fuss, no mess, no batteries... and no costly massage or therapist fees. 

Just try it!
And with our 90 Day Money-back GUARANTEE, you risk nothing!

Now I know what you're thinking . . . like me you've probably seen hundreds of adverts in magazines for devices and products that all claim the earth, all endorsed by some celebrity or other - but which just don't live up to their claims!

But occasionally , just very occasionally, a product surfaces that has that 'must-have' factor.

90 per cent of back ache sufferers have seen a marked improvement in the easing of back pain. And, I'm confident that once you've tried it, you'll be completely hooked, too!



This really is something you need to try for yourself at first make sure you bag a Back Nodger® today.

I guarantee you won't be disappointed!



It’s time to try Natural Joint Defence

Starting every day with comfort
and flexibility – instead of stiffness
and aches

The longer you continue masking the symptoms without addressing the real cause of your pain… the more your cells go haywire, leading to more inflammation and deterioration of your precious cartilage…

Your tendons, bones and joints become inflamed, swollen, stiff… and more painful than ever.

Your body is waging a war on itself – and it’s losing!

But now – for the first time in the UK – you can use cutting-edge Swiss health ingenuity to break this vicious cycle…

And feel like you’ve grown new
joints in as little as 90 days

This is where Natural Joint Defence comes in.

Stop living with pain and start

You could wake up in the very near future feeling so flexible, comfortable and pain-free… you’ll wonder what happened to those tired, sore knees and hips that used to slow you down.

You could be limber enough to touch your toes again… take up an exercise class at your local leisure centre… and be able to travel long distances in the car or on a plane – free from the discomfort and pain you’ve grown used to…

You’ll have a whole new lease on life.

But perhaps you’re wondering, “If Natural Joint Defence is so powerful, why haven’t I heard of it before?”

The answer is simple.

Natural Joint Defence is formulated in Switzerland by a groundbreaking company called Cell’innov, whose commitment to natural health is unparalleled.

You see, if you look online or at your chemist, you’ll find many other products that contain 1 or 2 of the ingredients in Natural Joint Defence. But not in the same combination and not to the exact specifications of Natural Joint Defence.

While some of these natural ingredients have been used for generations, it’s only recently that scientists have discovered the exact formulation that provides powerful joint support and protection

And the results are jaw-droppingly good… helping you combat inflammation in your joints AND supply your body with the building blocks for healthy new cartilage.

In my 16 years of researching natural health discoveries, this is the most powerful breakthrough I’ve ever seen for helping you relieve the pain and discomfort of osteoarthritis.

Thanks to Natural Joint Defence’s uniquely potent formulation of 4 scientifically-proven osteoarthritis-fighting “weapons”…

Weapon #1 reduces inflammation
safely and naturally

          Weapon #2 helps rebuild your

damaged cartilage naturally


 Weapon #3 to keep your joints

lubricated and friction-free


Weapon #4 reduces pain by 82%
with no side effects


You get back every penny of the purchase price

No questions, no hassles. Just send your unopened bottle (or bottles) back – and we’ll give you a prompt refund.

And there’s no time limit on this guarantee. Whether it’s 3 months from now, or 3 years down the road, you can always return your unopened bottles for a prompt and courteous refund (less postage).

We know that once you feel the change Natural Joint Defence makes in your life… once you start waking up feeling more limber and full of energy from a blissful, pain-free night’s sleep… once you’re more active, relaxed and happy… sending it back will be the furthest thing from your mind…

And remember, in every bottle of Natural Joint Defence, you’re getting not just one, but 4 powerful joint supporters – the ultimate formula for safe, fast and effective pain relief and joint repair

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259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart

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Here is Rachael Linkie with an exciting opportunity which gives you incredible benefits,

A total plan to protect your heart.

259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart,

Unclog Your Arteries And Keep Your Ticker Ticking Stronger Than Someone Half Your Age.


Completely RISK-FREE For One Year!

Here's the deal: Order your copy of the 484-page '259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart, Unclog Your Arteries And Keep Your Ticker Ticking Stronger Than Someone Half Your Age' for just £24.95 (plus shipping)... SAVING you a massive 16 per cent on the full retail price of £29.95

...then take ONE FULL YEAR to check through it and use all the valuable, actionable information it holds...

Just say “MAYBE,” take one full year to put all the information contained in the report to a definitive test – in your own life, on your own health problems – before you commit to buy.

If it isn’t everything I’ve described here… if it doesn’t stand up to your own high expectations… and if it doesn’t help you solve the health problems that you’re experiencing… then simply change your MAYBE to an emphatic “NO,” and we’ll send back every penny of your purchase price less shipping without questions or hassles. Your word is good enough.

There’s not a shred of risk on your part, so why not order now?

What To Do If A Loved-One Has Had A Heart Attack And You're Waiting For An Ambulance To Arrive

Doing this one simple thing could mean the difference between life and death!

Heaven forbid that you’re ever caught in a situation where a friend or loved one is having a heart attack right in front of you.

Often times, the only thing you can do to help them is to call an ambulance and comfort them until the ambulance arrives.

For some people, help arrives just in time. But many thousands of other people aren’t so lucky. By the time the paramedics arrive, the damage is already done… and death is often the result.

But what if there was a way to reduce the odds of death from a heart attack to almost zero? Well, there is a way! It’s a simple 10-second trick that thins the blood and dramatically boosts oxygen-rich blood flow to the heart – exactly where a heart attack patient needs it.

The result: As blood vessels open up, as the blood is thinned, as blood flow speeds to the heart muscle, pain begins to dissipate and potential damage to the heart is drastically reduced!

Doing this one simple thing could mean the difference between life and death for a heart attack patient.

You’ll find out exactly what it is… and full instructions of what you need to do… on page 204 of your risk-free copy of 259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart, Unclog Your Arteries And Keep Your Ticker Ticking Stronger ThanSomeone Half Your Age.

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There’s not a shred of risk on your part, so why not order now?

Think of all the incredible benefits 259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart, Unclog Your Arteries And Keep Your Ticker Ticking Stronger Than Someone Half Your Agecan give you:

First, you’ll hear about all the latest heart-healing breakthroughs from around the world. All the little-known remedies for today’s biggest, most deadly heart problems. And you’ll have the vital knowledge you need to make informed decisions based on real,proven advances that are working now for people just like you. Knowledge that can help you protect your heart for life… keep your brain in tip-top condition… and boost your overall health into the bargain for many years to come.

Second, you’ll be saving yourself potentially thousands of pounds from drugs and surgeries you may not need. And because all the remedies mentioned are all-natural, you’ll be saving yourself from the horrendous side effects posed by modern drugs and therapies – and heal yourself with scores of natural remedies that are cheaper, just as effective in many cases and completely side-effect-free!

Third, you’ll protect yourself and your loved ones from a deadly heart or brain disaster. You’ll find out how to overcome a family history of heart disease. Treatments that work better than drugs and surgery in some cases. And even how to repair a damaged heart, brain… and sweep deadly plaque deposits out of your arteries. All of this – and much more – is waiting for you in the pages of your risk-free copy of 259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart, Unclog Your Arteries And Keep Your Ticker Ticking Stronger Than Someone Half Your Age.

And fourth, you’ll experience a near health miracle. You see, your cardiovascular system is like the command centre for your entire body. Every single cell, organ, muscle and tissue in your body relies on your cardiovascular system to supply it with constant blood and oxygen delivery. And every cell, organ, muscle and tissue in your body relies on your cardiovascular system to deliver all of the crucial vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to perform to their maximum and provide you with the sparkling health that is your birth right.

As your arteries become clearer and your heart gets stronger, you’ll experience welcome side effects like:

  • Less fatigue and greater energy levels…
  • A more powerful brain and a sharper memory…
  • Cold and numbness in your limbs disappears…
  • Angina pain is reduced and even eliminated…
  • And you’ll also experience other health benefits like less painful joints, you’ll sleep better than you have done in a long time… you’ll think faster… eliminate problems like mental fog and fuzzy thinking…
  • And so much more!

In short, you’ll have a total plan to protect your heart, your brain… and your entire cardiovascular system for LIFE! And the longer you use the information revealed in this Special Report, the better your heart health becomes.

Isn’t that what you want – picture-perfect heart health that keeps you strong and active for years to come? Of course it is. Well, with 259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart, Unclog Your Arteries And Keep Your Ticker Ticking Stronger Than Someone Half Your Age in your corner, you’ll be armed with all the new, cutting-edge research findings on heart disease and how to stop, prevent, treat… and even reverse cardiovascular problems before they can strike you down.

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And remember, you’re never at risk when you order because you’re always covered by our 365-day NO-RISK guarantee.

Now, the next step is up to you: You can ignore any heart or cardiovascular problems that you may be living with and hope things get better. OR… you can take the bull by the horns and make things better. You can CHOOSE  to have perfect heart health… perfect cholesterol levels… perfect blood pressure levels… and perfect overall cardiovascular health. And you can help do all of this and more with 259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart, Unclog Your Arteries And Keep Your Ticker Ticking Stronger Than Someone Half Your Age.

Click on one of the order buttons on this page now to get your risk-free copy. Don’t delay – your heart, your brain, your cardiovascular system… and your entire health will thank you for it!

Yours For Perfect Health,

Rachael Linkie

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Ambulance To Arrive

Doing this one simple thing could mean the difference between life and death!

Heaven forbid that you’re ever caught in a situation where a friend or loved one is having a heart attack right in front of you.

Often times, the only thing you can do to help them is to call an ambulance and comfort them until the ambulance arrives.

For some people, help arrives just in time. But many thousands of other people aren’t so lucky. By the time the paramedics arrive, the damage is already done… and death is often the result.

But what if there was a way to reduce the odds of death from a heart attack to almost zero? Well, there is a way! It’s a simple 10-second trick that thins the blood and dramatically boosts oxygen-rich blood flow to the heart – exactly where a heart attack patient needs it.

The result: As blood vessels open up, as the blood is thinned, as blood flow speeds to the heart muscle, pain begins to dissipate and potential damage to the heart is drastically reduced!

Doing this one simple thing could mean the difference between life and death for a heart attack patient. 

You’ll find out exactly what it is… and full instructions of what you need to do… on page 204 of your risk-free copy of 259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart, Unclog Your Arteries And Keep Your Ticker Ticking Stronger ThanSomeone Half Your Age.

Click here to order your copy NOW.


Kind regards

Dot Cully

Being Health Conscious Means Having Knowledge On All Aspects Of Health



Bio-Glucan Plus™
Introducing your immune system’s
long lost friend!


Bio-Glucan Plus™ is the greatest asset to your health since Queen Victoria ruled, when beta glucans were a normal part of the food chain.


By Cutting off 'disease pathways' BEFORE they get established we can prevent stress and trauma inflaming and ravaging every cell in your body and leaving us prone to cancer, heart disease, pneumonia and more, our bodies hold an incredible secret deep within you, just waiting for the hidden key to unlock it and activate our body's defences.

It can snuff out these disease pathways BEFORE they have a chance to establish themselves...

 discover the dramatic new breakthrough that can armour-plate your immune system to repel ANY infectious invader.



New, Improved Formula!
Bio-Glucan Plus™ has THREE immune-boosting, disease-busting super-nutrients contained in ONE single pill...


If Bio-Glucan Plus™ ONLY contained beta 1-3, 1-6 glucans, then it would still probably be the most effective antibiotic, antiviral, antifungal antioxidant and anti-radiation nutrient your body could have . . .


But the makers decided to make the best even better by adding TWO game-changing ingredients.



These two additional immune-system boosters will give your body ADDED protection against infection and inflammation, and provide you with  increased 'super-immunity' for killing viruses, blasting bacteria, neutralising fungus, eliminating allergies... plus helping you defy the humiliating effects of aging...


'Super-immunity' booster #1:



The importance of Vitamin D cannot be overstated.  Not only is it vital for a healthy immune system, it also plays a key role in protecting you from svere chronic illnesses, like heart disease, diabetes, dementia and cancer.


The fact is that many of us are so depleted in Vitamin D (due to lack of regular exposure to sunshine, particularly in Northern hemisphere countries) that we need far in excess of the 400 IU daily intake that the authorities recommend as the minimum requirement for avoiding a deficiency. 


The benefits of vitamin D have been confirmed by countless studies too numerous to list them all.


'Super-immunity' booster #2:


The trace mineral selenium has been scientifically shown to be an essential element in building a healthy immune system. Researchers have determined that immune response was significantly boosted in subjects who receive selenium supplements, compared to the placebo group. In addition, subjects who took selenium cleared the virus from their bodies faster than the placebo subjects.  


















The Amazing Miraculous and Magical remedy for

Asthmatics and

Allergy Sufferers to achieve respiratory health

which lasts for five years.



 You can achieve the benefits of salt therapy, easily in the comfort of your home, without the expense, by gaining access to a rock salt microclimate for a fraction of the cost.


Using the salt pipe which is both convenient and comfortable to use without any side effects, gives you air that can be drawn through the Halite salt crystals in the pipe, and delivers a cleansing dose of salty air.


The clinical research proves that after a few small daily uses you could be well cured of your allergies, forever prevent Bronchitis, Chronic Cough and build stamina all at once.  


You could cleanse your respiratory system by puffing on the salt pipe which draws tiny particles of salt into your lungs which will boost the cleansing process.


Allergic diseases increase daily in our Society and is often related to pollution in the air from car exhausts, smoking or passive smoking, this simple and natural way can be used to combat and alleviate whooping cough, nasal catarrh, and respiratory problems, snoring can also be treated with use of it.


Let the Salt Pipe set you free from allergy drugs and give you the benefits of safe natural allergy and asthma relief, and guarantees your enjoyment of a active and healthy lifestyle.








Your Body weight heals you instead of hurting You!

Health Journalists are raving about it -

Already a huge success in over 47 countries

German footwear technology combined with Japanese reflexology can now heal your whole body as you walk!

The average sized man places approximately 37 stone of pressure on each foot when he walks.  For the average sized woman the pressure is approximately 29 stone!

The Japanese have 3 times less heart disease and they generally don't suffer from obesity problems. They are also 6 times less likely to suffer with arthritis than any other nation in the world. 

So what Do They Do That Makes Them So Healthy?

The complete muscular, vascular, posture, skeletal and mental Healing Solution - Literally from Head to Toe!

The healing art of modern foot reflexology is based on ancient Japanese principles that date back six thousand years.  Every part of your sole can significantly affect the health of all the major areas of your body.  This has now been proven again and again by numerous studies and trials carried out by world renowned hospitals and universities. 

BIO REFLEX INSOLES which have taken the very best of Japanese foot reflexology and combined it with cuttng edge German insole and footwear engineering. They are the most comfortabel orthotic insoles availabe anywhere in the world today. They will instantly stop pain in your feet, knees, legs, hips and back.  But this only touches on the real power of these insoles.

Each pair of Bio Reflex Insoles has ten strategically placed reflexology pressure points that go into action immediately as soon as you stand. This triggers a healing power that will prevent, treat and cure a whole range of other health conditions.  And they are made from 100% Genunine Leather. 

Here are the spectacular results you can expect from the first time you wear these remarkable Insoles.

The first benefits you will feel are:


Your soles and the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments in your lower limbs will feel relaxed , comfortable and rejuvenated!


Your energy levels will rocket!


Your memory, thought and concentraton process will become more crystallised and dynamic!


Vascular and circulation problems will begin to improve!

Joint pain caused by conditions such as arthritis will start to disappear!


Your breathing will become more relaxed and any damage and over-exertion on your heart and other key organs will be reduced!


Your sexual stamina wil be restored to its original strength!


Your posture will naturally self-correct and any stiffness and pain in your neck, back and hips will be alleviated!

Reserve your Bio Reflex Insoles today for a 90 day trial! FREEPHONE Orderline 0808 208 0319  Act NOW this offer will never be repeated!


Donald Russell For Real Food,

Real Flavour, Every Day

Donald Russell Makes "Britain's Best Meat Pie"

Their meaty Cottage Pie won this prestigious accolade hands down, and beat off stiff competition from retail heavyweights such as Tesco, Asda and Marks & Spencer to pick up the Meat Management Awards the UK's leading forum for the nation's butchers.  

The nation's appeite for clasic comfort food has been well and truly awoken. And this really good Cottage Pie has it all with the full rich flavours of properly matured grass-fed beef, minced with juicy free-range pork, all simmered in a hearty naturral gravy. 

So, now the evenings are drawing in, why not take the night off cooking and enjoy Britian's Meat Pie for dinner.

Donald Russell products were finalists in several categories including Best Lamb Product and their chef-made pies were 'Highly Commended'

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We all love a barbecue, and any excuse will do, but it takes time patience and attention - Now you can get the classic taste of summer at any time with Donald Russell’s Sticky Pork Ribs hand-coated in a special barbecue-style sauce. All you need to do is pop them into the oven straight from frozen and you can have them sizzling, glistening and smelling absolutely divine.

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 Try the newest addition to the Donald Russell range  - their Marinated Pork Chop. Succulent free-range pork on the bone, because they have already been marinated you can simply fry, grill or barbecue them and have your normal pork chop dinner, with no effort, no waiting and no mess to contend with.  To order visit


 Why not take the night off cooking? With Donald Russell’s mouth-watering summer ideas try their top-notch, restaurant quality, meaty Lasagne using 100% Donald Russell beef steak and pork mince, hand made by professional chefs and inspired by a traditional Italian recipe for well balance flavours,


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 Complete Your Meal with their new Vegetable Side Selection, buttery Mashed Potato, Creamy Savoy Cabbage, Carrots & Petits Pois in Bechamel, Cauliflower Cheese, Petits Pois and Bacon in Bechamel, Leaf Spinach in Bechamel.


Buy Today! Traditional Butcher’s Cuts

 The rich, comforting flavours of premium UK beef, pork and lamb.

 Inspired by traditional Butcher’s cuts from days gone by.

Value for money cuts, with their 100% guaranteed Donald Russell quality.




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I hope you will enjoy the time spent here 

and return often. 

Your feed back and constructive comments 

will be welcome.

You can reach me at:


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The REAL Truth About Coconut Oil

Plus, Four “Common Yet Dangerous” Oils You Should Never
Eat... If You Want to Heal, Beautify and Restore Your Body!

Here's a newsflash I'm sure won't surprise you... nothing concocted in a laboratory can ever replace the value of what is found in nature!

Mother Nature is incredibly generous in the way she provides - offering a bounty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients to nourish your body so you can enjoy a long healthy life.

One fruit in particular - the coconut - is so abundant in its healing properties it's referred to as "the tree of life." And before World War II, people living in island countries, like the Philippines, consumed a diet that consisted mainly of rice, root crops, vegetables and an abundance of the ultra-healing superfood, the coconut.

The coconut is a "functional food" rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber - the essential nutritional building blocks for perfect health.

For generations, island people considered it "The Cure for All Illness" and consumed the meat, milk and coconut oil daily. Although this diet was high in saturated fat, Western conditions like diabetes, cancer and heart disease were virtually unheard of.

Filipinos and islanders were instead rewarded with a lovely youthful complexion, soft wrinkle-free skin, almost no skin cancer - even with excessive exposure to year round sun - and abundant good health.

Coconut oil in particular has been shown to protect you from viruses, bacteria, infection, cancer, thyroid, brain and heart problems... plus beautifies your skin - and even burns fat!

Coconut oil - a saturated fat - is chock-full of health-promoting properties - and is in no way responsible for high cholesterol, obesity, heart disease and the bad effects you've been led to believe.

Finally, modern medicine and science are starting to realize this fundamental truth... and it's been a long time coming. But sadly not before heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity and a whole host of other catastrophic diseases have reached epidemic proportions!

The Saturated-Fat Myth That Robbed 
You of Your Good Health!

Before World War II, the miracle-healing coconut had been used to help alleviate:

  • Coughs
  • Constipation
  • Malnutrition
  • Skin infections
  • Toothaches
  • Earaches
  • And more!

But that all changed when the war ended and the United States proclaimed hydrogenated oils to be the "healthier oils." By the 1960s, a weak scientific theory claimed that saturated fats-like those found in butter, eggs, milk, red meat and coconuts - increased "bad" LDL cholesterol and were dangerous to consume.

Nothing was further from the truth! But this “health scare” was enough to push the public away from saturated fats and instead to refined vegetable oils. This was perfect for food manufacturers because they were far cheaper to produce.

It wasn’t long before Western-style diets made their way to the islands and the old ways were forgotten.

Cheaper, mass-produced hydrogenated foods replaced traditional foods, like the versatile and all-healing coconut oil that had kept the islanders healthy for generations.

And for the first time ever, diseases that had become prevalent among Americans… heart disease, diabetes, cancer and obesity started to plague the island nations.


 Renowned musician, author, and speaker reveals

stunning discovery in music therapy with...

 7 Amazing New "Musical Tones" Found To Relieve Stress... Promote Healing... Break Negative Cycles... and Restore Damaged DNA... in Minutes

 The 7 Secret Frequencies Uncovered in the Music of King David...and the People Convinced of its Incredible Healing Effects...

 What if I told you that you could have the power to heal yourself and your loved ones with the gift of music...

 Without dangerous drugs...without expensive (and dangerous) surgeries...and absolutely without spending your life in a hospital!

Would that be okay with you?

 Great! Because here's a synopsis of today's safest, most powerful, and creative modality of health that you've ever seen.

Simply by listening daily to this music you could...

1. Wipe out your unhealthy fears, drop feelings of guilt and shame, and show you how you can help restore your liver, brain, and kidney functions...(SONG 1, 396Hz)

 2. Remove the recurring, negative cycles in your life like procrastination, addiction, and junk as sluggishness and lethargy disappear and productivity and creativity increase...enhance your digestion, ease stomach issues, balance your metabolism, and erase headaches and lower back pain...(SONG 2, 417Hz)

3. Discover the Master Key that precipitates all other frequencies. You'll feel soothed by its multiple health benefits as you're tenderly enveloped in peace. This is the very same frequency David used to soothe King Saul's depression...(SONG 3, 444Hz )

 4. Hear the most curious frequency of all...this has the power to restore broken DNA. This is the root of disease. Relax and let the transformation lift you to a seemingly unreachable height...gently relieving hormonal imbalances, muscle tension, weight problems, and circulation troubles...(SONG 4, 528Hz)

5. Enjoy the fostering of peace and forgiveness in all your relationships. Also known to positively affect the endocrine system – particularly gall bladder and adrenal issues...(SONG 5, 639Hz)

 6. Gain a keen awareness of your very own spirit in this powerful yet delicately performed miracle of healing. Experience deep spiritual and emotional healing while cleansing your immune system of common infections. Super-charge your circulatory system to support your healthy heart and blood flow...(SONG 6, 741Hz)

7. Revel in the frequency that celebrates the King of Kings. Purely spiritual – connect in the worship of God, His love for humankind, and His return to those who await Him...(SONG 7, 852Hz) Click Here

As you read this, I’ve been playing - Transformation, at 528 Hz. Feel the vibrations in your body ... I thought it was the perfect sample to welcome you to this amazing product...

 Best of all...

Some listeners have reported almost automatic healing ...

one in as little as 22 minutes!

 .. I call it Wholetones: The Healing Frequency Music Project and I believe it's the reason God has brought us together today. So I can tell you everything you need to know about this divine offering.

 Unlike the boring, headache-inducing straight tones you'll find on the internet, these are real songs. Recorded by real, world-class musicians. In the finest recording facility available.

 Here's a sample of the healing power of this incredible collection:

 The angelic sound of the violin

Open Door (396Hz) – This beautiful piece literally opens you up to receive the healing. Supports blood, liver function, bones, brain health and kidney function.

  1. Desert Sojourn (417Hz) – Increased energy has been reported as well as productivity and creativity... supports issues of the stomach – especially digestion. It can also positively affect gallbladder, metabolism, headaches, and lower back pain.
  2. The Key of David (444Hz) – The master key with multiple health benefits. Establishes peace amid chaos. Hint – listen to this when you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious.
  3. Transformation (528Hz) – Restore your broken DNA – the very root cause of illness and disease. Balance your hormones, gently lift your heart, muscles, and lymphatic system.
  4. The Bridge (639Hz) – Fosters forgiveness and peace in your relationships boosts your endocrine system and heals your adrenal glands and gallbladder.
  5. Great Awakening (741Hz) – Provides you with deep spiritual and emotional healing. Become aware of your spirit within while gently cleansing your immune system.
  6. The Majestic (852Hz) – Purely spiritual this magnificent piece is a celebration of the King of Kings. Join us in sharing His love for humankind and those who await his grand return.

Get the downloadable versions of both for one easy payment of only $49.


Cancer Prevention Made Easy

Don't miss out on the most exciting information about Depression in a Decade!

Fitness & Exercise

Find Out How This Comprehensive Work-Out Manual Could Literally Let You Learn The Secrets To Strengthen Your Body.



                                Published on Oct 7, 2013

Here is the video of Miss Universe Myanmar 2013 Beauty Pageant which was held at the National Theatre in Yangon on October 3, these Burmese beauties are so elegant and natural.

Miss Universe Myanmar 2013

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just want to mention that the creator of thisage isrof that you are what you eat . this lady is beautyfull and healthy inside and out.

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With healthcare on the minds of most of the country these days, people are

beginning to focus more and more on their health.