Grape Seed Extract A Potent Weapon Against Colon Cancer Cells.

A natural plant extract available in any supplement store looks to be a potent “weapon of mass destruction” against colon cancer cells. And at first blush, I see no reason why it might not work against other cancers, too.

Colorectal cancer is a growing threat to modern populations, thanks to our sedentary habits and our addiction to processed-foods . Also known as colon cancer, rectal cancer, and bowel cancer, it stems from out-of-control malignant cell growth in the rectum or colon.

This cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in the world and the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States. It’s most often seen in modern countries that enjoy a high standard of living.

But even as more and more people fall victim to this disease, there’s good news on the horizon: a new study shows a simple substance known as grape seed extract (GSE) does a bang-up job of halting the growth of colorectal cancer cells.

And according to this study, the more vicious the cancer cell growth rate … the more effective grape seed extract is at thwarting it.

The scientists working on this project believe the key mechanism that allows grape seed extract to do this is the oxidative stress it puts on cancer cells. This prompts the cancer cells to self-destruct, a process known as apoptosis or programmed cell death. But along with that, other bioactive compounds within GSE seem to work together to target the different mutations of the cancer cells. In fact, the more mutations the cancer throws at them, the more effective they become at knocking them out.

This is in sharp contrast to conventional treatments, which are constantly “outsmarted” by cancer’s ability to mutate.

Grape seed extract works better than chemotherapy because traditional chemo only targets a specific mutation. This is not an effective strategy considering that colorectal cancer cells can have more than 11,000 genetic mutations. So those cells can become resistant to chemotherapy but still remain completely vulnerable to the bioactive compounds in grape seed extract.

It appears that GSE can be characterized as a broad-spectrum mutation-targeting chemical – in effect, a “weapon of mass destruction” against cancer cells.

It works proactively, too…

Grape seed extract, as you’ve probably guessed, comes from whole grape seeds. These seeds carry a high level of vitamin E, flavonoids, and linoleic acid, among other things. You’ll typically find it in capsules or tablets of 50 to 100 mg each. Little is known about the effect of long-term grape seed extract consumption. Known side effects include headache, dry scalp, and the occasional bout of dizziness or nausea.

By the way, you don’t have to be diagnosed with colon cancer to start reaping the anti-cancer benefits of GSE. You can take it proactively to protect yourself against colorectal cancer and other digestive cancers.

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The Budwig protocol:

The amazing formula that can cure Cancer!

I use the Budwig protocol every day without fail because it is just about the cheapest health insurance you can buy.  What does the Budwig protocol do?  Well, consider this.  The Budwig protocol consists of a mixture of flax oil and cottage cheese, making a unique substance that kills cancer cells by the billions and makes every other cell in your body healthier at the same time.

In short, when a cancer patient goes on the Budwig protocol, the cancer cells get the message that the jig is up.

This diet is far and away the most successful anti-cancer diet in the world.  What Dr. Johanna Budwig has demonstrated to my initial disbelief, but lately to my complete satisfaction in my practice, is this: cancer is easily curable.  The treatment is dietary, and the response is immediate.  The cancer cell is weak and vulnerable.

The Budwig formula is so simple and easy to make it seems ridiculous.  You simply combine two-thirds of a cup of cottage cheese (ideally low-fat) with one-third of a cup of fresh, refrigerated flax oil and mix it in a blender or hand blender.  Stirring is not good enough to mix it properly you have to blend it.

Once you’ve mixed it you can add whatever fruit you want strawberries, blueberries or your favourite. You can also add almonds or walnuts, peanuts are not advisable. If needed a natural sweetener can be added that does not feed cancer cells.

Dr. Budwig’s formula is used therapeutically in Europe for prevention and treatment of many diseases  including cancer. He says “If you have cancer, please don’t quibble with me about taking it. Don’t wait to tell your doctor: Just Do It”

If you have cancer, the Budwig protocol should be a lifetime commitment don’t stop using it after you get rid of your cancer, many patients have found out the hard way that it is a bad idea. You can give it variety by using different berries and nuts in the mixture.

How it kills cancer cells by the billions, cancer cells react to oxygenation, they shrivel up and die.  And when healthy cells get more oxygen, they produce more energy, and your health becomes more vibrant.  Basically the Budwig Protocol blasts the cancer cells with oxygen. Every cell in your body needs Omega 3 and flax oil is one of the richest sources.

When you take the Budwig Protocol, the cancer cells get an infusion of omega 3 followed by a blast of fresh oxygen, and millions of cancer cells die on a regular schedule.  Taking flax oil without cheese is not effective, this mixture is the best way to delivery omega 3 to cells throughout your body. When you blend the two as stated above not only does the cottage cheese lose its diary properties, but also the mixture becomes water-soluble.  This water solubility is why the Budwig Protocol delivers omega 3 to the cells so efficiently and effectively.