27. Jan, 2016

Advanced Polyphenol Formula

Resveratrol Plus

How to multiply the benefits of Resveratrol many times over with Advanced Polyphenol Formula 


If you’re a health-conscious person, you’ve no doubt heard of resveratrol. You may even be taking it as a supplement.

If so, you made a wise decision. The research just keeps piling up on what this powerful plant compound can do for your health. Research shows that resveratrol can...

  • Help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels
  • Boost your brainpower and memory as you age
  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels
  • And even undo the effects of a poor diet!

Yet as good as resveratrol is, I have even better news for you today. There’s a way to multiply the benefits of resveratrol many times over.

Polyphenol Powerhouse #2A

Better Way to Activate Your “Longevity Genes”

Well, guess what? There’s another polyphenol that mimics calorie restriction, too. It’s called pterostilbene (“Ter-Oh-Still-Bean”). 

Pterostilbene also switches on the genes that promote healthy blood sugar, normal blood pressure, and a sharper memory.  And switches OFF genes that trigger inflammation, blood sugar imbalances, nerve damage, cognitive decline, and premature aging.

And here’s the best part: Pterostilbene is up to 400% better absorbed than resveratrol.  It also stays in your body up to seven times longer.  Which means it could be many times more effective than resveratrol at switching on your “longevity genes.”

Pterostilbene also makes resveratrol work better. So by taking the two together, you get a powerful one-two punch to support a razor-sharp mind and memory, normal blood sugar, and healthy cholesterol levels.


Polyphenol Powerhouse #3 

The Brain Health Superstar

Memory loss is the #1 fear for many people as they get older. Memory loss robs you of your dignity, your independence, and your very personality.

Polyphenols can rescue an aging brain. One herb loaded with polyphenols is a champion at protecting your brain from vascular problems and memory loss.

It’s turmeric, the bright yellow spice used in curry sauces and yellow mustard.

Turmeric has a powerful effect on your brain. Unlike other nutrients, it crosses the blood-brain barrier to fight free radicals in brain cells. It can help improve short-term memory and guard against age-related memory decline.  

Turmeric has also been used for thousands of years in India as a popular remedy for inflammation. 





Polyphenol Powerhouse #5

The Secret Fat Buster Hidden Inside Onions

Onions and garlic are good for your health. They’re packed with nutrients that boost your immune system and fight off infections.

But did you know that hidden inside the humble onion is a nutrient that can help ward off some of the biggest health problems that cause you to age?

It’s the polyphenol quercetin. Quercetin is known for helping to regulate inflammation. And since inflammation has been linked to nearly every health condition of old age, you want quercetin in your corner.

But what’s really exciting about quercetin is how it pulverizes fat cells in your body.


Polyphenol Powerhouse #6

How to Get the Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet—Every Day


Many of the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet can be traced to one thing—olive oil.  And hidden inside olive oil is the nutrient that gives it this life-extending power—a polyphenol called oleuropein. 

Oleuropein is a real dynamo when it comes to guarding against the ravages of old age. It helps relax blood vessels and arteries, to support healthy blood pressure. And it fights “oxidized” cholesterol which, as I mentioned before, is so dangerous for your heart and arteries.

Advanced Bionutritionals have taken 6 of the most powerful polyphenols and put them into one blockbuster formula.

It’s called Advanced Polyphenol Formula with Resveratrol. It includes:

  1. Wild Blueberry extract, with pterostilbene, the polyphenol that’s up to 400% better absorbed and retained than resveratrol
  2. Vincare® whole grape extract. Vincare® is the only whole grape extract I know of that’s clinically proven to support healthy cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health
  3. Turmeric, the brain health superstar that also ramps up your energy
  4. Quercetin, the fat-busting polyphenol that keeps a lid on inflammation
  5. Olive Leaf extract with a minimum of 20% Oleuropein; it’s like a Mediterranean Diet in a pill!
  6. Plus, you get an impressive 100 mg. dose of Trans-Resveratrol from Japanese Knotweed.

Trans-resveratrol is the type used in the scientific research. Plus, it’s better absorbed than other forms of resveratrol. Japanese Knotweed is used because it contains even more resveratrol than red grapes. 

If you went out and bought all these nutrients at your health food store, you could easily spend over $135.00 a month. But thanks to this special offer from Advanced Bionutritionals, you can get Advanced Polyphenol Formula with Resveratrol for as little as $33.25 a bottle.

What's more, it's so much easier to get these polyphenols in one convenient supplement, rather than having to mix and match them yourself. All the work has been done for you!


Don’t Let Age-Related Health Problems Sneak Up On You!

With Advanced Polyphenol Formula with Resveratrol you can...

  • Boost your brainpower and memory as you age
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Support insulin sensitivity and healthy blood sugar
  • Normalize blood pressure
  • Enjoy healthier, pain-free joints
  • Promote a healthy inflammation response throughout your body
  • Guard against hearing loss
  • Stop age-related vision loss in its tracks
  • Improve mobility and protect against life-threatening falls
  • Strengthen your bones
  • And much, much more!

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