11. Apr, 2018

Protect Your Eyes From Within

Today, almost 300 million people suffer from vision loss. This is the most common as we grow older. And loss of vision can be disabling, costing you your freedom and independence.

But now, thanks to this secret, you can…

Protect your eyes from within.

Recover your youthful “eagle eyes” distance vision.

Regain your night vision.

Get back your ability to see in bright glare conditions.

Reclaim your close-up vision and throw away your reading glasses.

See more clearly than you have in years!


Further research of this remarkable tribe uncovered the single startling difference.

The secret to their ageless eyes is a particular group of phytonutrients.

Enjoy youthful, sharp eyesight 
with these vision miracles

Now I’m going to show you how you too can have ageless “eagle” eyes by harnessing the power of these vision miracles…

Phytonutrients are vision miracles that go far beyond vitamins and minerals.

There are more than 25,000 of these powerful healing chemicals. And they’re created only by plants.

It turns out the scientific evidence is overwhelming

The shocking truth is that your age-related vision problems are NOT normal.

And writing them off is a big mistake. ANY vision problems pose a health risk.

According to a study published in Ophthalmic Epidemiology, people over the age of 65 with age-related vision problems are twice as likely to have poor health. And your chances of being in poor health shoot even higher if you become blind.2

So by keeping your vision sharp, you improve your overall health.

So why are vision problems rampant today?

Scientific studies are now revealing the truth. The cause of vision loss isn’t age.

Finally! Proof lifelong razor-sharp vision 
is your birthright…

How phytonutrients protect your eyes
from blue light

Blue light emitted from computers, cellphones and other devices can affect eye health.

Light bulbs? Let me explain…

Our modern LED lights and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) contain high levels of blue light.

This is no small problem. According to an article published in Review of Optometry, by 2020 90% of all light bulbs are projected to be vision-damaging LEDs.

And then there’s the huge amount of time we spend on digital devices, exposing our eyes to blue light.

So, what is blue light exactly?

Blue light is the portion of the visible light spectrum with the shortest wavelengths. Unlike longer wavelength light, blue light reaches deep into the eye and damages the retina.

Researchers at the Paris Vision Institute studied the effects of different bands of visible light on the eyes. And it was blue light that caused maximum retinal cell death.

The subjects took a supplement with two phytonutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin, for 6 months. And the results showed significant improvement in macular pigment density, visual performance and a reduction in eye strain, fatigue and headaches. Even their quality of sleep improved!

By increasing the pigments in your macula, you create a powerful shield for your eyes from the damaging effects of blue light. And at the same time, you build your eyes back up from within and regain your sharp vision.

Now you too can get the nutrition your eyes need for lifelong crystal clear vision.

Based on the research of this remarkable tribe, I’ve put together a new cutting-edge vision formula, NutraVision.

NutraVision gives you five of the most powerful phytonutrients from plants like the ones the tribe eats. PLUS seven other targeted vision-boosting vitamins and minerals. Together they provide a steady stream of essential nutrition that goes straight to where your eyes need it most. And combats deficiencies caused by the typical American diet.

Each of these nutrients is backed by mountains of clinical studies and scientific research showing how you’ll enjoy…

Improved clarity of vision and contrast sensitivity — so you can see every detail of a glorious sunset.

“Owl Eye” night vision — so you can see more easily in dim conditions and drive at night with confidence.

Amazing vision protection — so you can fight back and win against the modern causes of age-related vision loss.

Wait and see how NutraVision helps supercharge your eyesight by protecting and healing it from the sneakiest of today’s vision stealers…

Vision Miracle #1: 
Nature’s super-powered sunglasses

One of these is zeaxanthin.

It is a vital nutrient for the eye. A yellow pigment that is highly concentrated in the eye, it makes up 75% of your macula.

Together with its dynamic duo partner, this vision miracle functions like super-powered sunglasses. Shielding your eyes against bright sunlight, blue light from electronic devices and radiation.

Vision Miracle #2: 
The ultimate protection against vision loss

Zeaxanthin’s “dynamic duo” partner is lutein.

Together they work in perfect concert to protect your delicate eyes from blue light, UV light and radiation by as much as 90%. Lutein also fights free radicals, one of your vision’s biggest enemies.

But there’s more.

This dynamic duo also stops age-related vision loss.

The fact is that you need much more lutein as you age. And that’s why the new NutraVision has 20 mg of this vision miracle.

Vision Miracle #3: 
One tiny berry gives you “owl-eye”
night vision — FAST

A study published in the American Journal of Public Health tracked patients taking an extract of this tiny berry. The results were astonishing. A staggering 97% of the subjects significantly improved their eyesight!


Vision Miracle #4: 
The amazing ancient herb
for youthful, clear vision

Ginkgo biloba has been used since ancient times for healing. It contains three powerful types of phytonutrients: ginkgolides, bilobalides and flavonoids.

One of ginkgo’s greatest powers is the ability to increase blood flow to the eyes. And this ability is crucial when it comes to keeping your youthful, clear vision.

And it turns out that increasing blood flow has a dramatic impact on vision, especially as you age.

Vision Miracle #5: 
The humble tomato’s secret weapon 
against eyesight problems

Did you know that the humble tomato found in your neighborhood grocery story is the source of one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet?

Research has shown how lycopene protects and heals your eyes from within.

It does this by directly impacting the chemical processes that lead to vision loss. Its antioxidant properties intervene and stop the domino effect of reactions and damage.

Power up your vision for life 
with these amazing eyesight boosters!

Today’s cutting-edge in vision health