26. Jul, 2018

Amazing: What You Can Get in Every Single Spray with RE-NOURISH

Stem Cell “Pipeline” Feeds Starved Hair Follicles to...

  •  Boost nutrient delivery to existing hair, so it grows thicker and stronger
  •  Renourish cut-off follicles, spurring new growth
  •  And fill in bald spots and lost patches of hair, restoring your body’s natural hairline

…sprouting noticeable new growth in 30 days!


But Up Until Recently,

NOBODY Knew How to Use Stem Cells to Grow New Hair! 


Overlooked Stem Cell Research Leads to Hair Regrowth Breakthrough 

And that is, how stem cells receive the nourishment they need to grow into brand new cells. 


Restores Hair That’s Been Gone for YEARS!

But please, don’t think of this as some kind of “instant cure”…


Reverse the Energy Crisis Behind Hair Loss

Hair loss starts when the cluster of cells responsible for hair growth — collectively called your hair follicle — stop receiving the raw ingredients needed to grow hair.


The most important of these is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+).


NAD+ is found in every cell in your body. It converts nutrients from the food you eat into energy to fuel your body.


If You’ve Ever Wondered Why Your Eyesight, Hearing, Skin Tone, and Hair All Start to Go Downhill Around Age 30, Well, There’s Your Answer!


Your body simply doesn’t have enough NAD+ to keep everything running smoothly!


And as a result, it reserves NAD+ for your life-or-death organs like your heart, brain, lungs… and everything else suffers starting with your hair!


This is why niacinamide is a main ingredient in my new formula 




Stem Cell-Boosting Ingredient #2

Rare Swiss Apple Stimulates Hair Follicles to Regrow Lost Hair


The Uttwiler Spätlauber is an odd apple.


And not just the name.


Unlike other apples, it doesn’t rot when you cut into the flesh. But instead grows a new protective layer of skin.


The secret lies in the apples stem cells. They send a signal to the surface… to grow new skin. 


But, here’s the part that will most interest you…  

The same molecules that rally stem cells in plants can send signals to YOUR stem cells… and… spark new hair growth.



Stem Cell-Boosting Ingredient #3

This Little-Known Indian Spice Nourishes and Grows Thicker Hair


Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum) offers amazing health benefits that can transform your hair for the better. It stimulates stem cells to nourish and grow thicker hair in women.



Stem Cell-Boosting Ingredient #4

Queen Nefertiti’s Secret for Adding Luster to Hair


Black cumin seed oil, also known as Nigella Sativa, is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb. It boosts your body's stem cells and immunity system. And, yes, it helps grow hair, too.


“Black cumin oil is probably the single most important oil you can put in your system.”   —Dr. Gary Null



Stem Cell-Boosting Ingredient #5

The Powerful Follicle Boosting and Hair Growth Vitamin

Biotin, a B vitamin, is widely known as the follicle-boosting and hair-growth vitamin. In other words, it’s a critical part of the pipeline that feeds your hair follicles to help grow great hair.


Amazing: What You Can Get in Every Single Spray 

To recap, the five most potent stem cell pipeline boosting ingredients in Re-Nourish are:


1. Niacinamide — This vitamin holds the key to restoring your falling NAD+ levels. In other words, it feeds starving stem cells in hair follicles so you grow hair again.


2. Malus Domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract — The plant stems cells that extend the life of hair follicles and leads to thicker, stronger hair.

3. Fenugreek — This Indian spice is shown to stimulate stem cells to nourish and grow thicker hair.


4. Black cumin seed oil — This powerful anti-inflammatory boosts stem cells to restore hair loss. And bring luster to your hair.


5. Biotin — This B vitamin feeds your hair follicles to increase hair elasticity and stop hair breakage.



100% New Hair Guarantee

Re-Nourish is the first ever hair-regrowth technology specifically designed to support the pipeline that delivers nutrients to your hair follicles.