5. Jan, 2019

Let us dedicate this year to remaining under the protective mantle of Mary

Dear Friends

I am forwarding an important message from the Director of America Needs Fatima. In which he reminds us that 2019 can be dedicated to Our Lady with constant prayers, and many ways to be under the proactive mantle of Our Blessed Mother.

Please read the attached issue of Battlelines and confirm, as he has requested.

Thanks your help is much appreciated.


Dear Mrs. Cully,

Please tell me YES or NO if you find the attached issue of Battlelines useful as an inspiration for your life of prayer and doing effective Catholic action.

Could you please?

Just send me back a one-liner, saying YES or NO, by simply replying to this email.

As you can see, the newsletter is about the actions of Rally Captains who serve Our Lord and Our Lady by defending our dear Catholic faith in public.

Click here to read their stories!

I remain your friend,

In Jesus and Mary

Robert Ritchie

Director, America Needs Fatima



PS: If you find this newsletter helpful, please also share it with your friends to help them in the New Year!