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21. Oct, 2020

Try the newest addition to the Donald Russell range - their Marinated Pork Chop.

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 We all love a barbecue, and any excuse will do, but it takes time, patience and attention - Now you can get the classic taste of summer at any time with Donald Russell’s Sticky Pork Ribs hand-coated in a special barbecue-style sauce. All you need to do is pop them into the oven straight from frozen and you can have them sizzling, glistening and smelling absolutely divine.

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Try the newest addition to the Donald Russell range  - their Marinated Pork Chop. Succulent free-range pork on the bone, because they have already been marinated you can simply fry, grill or barbecue them and have your normal pork chop dinner, with no effort, no waiting and no mess to contend with.

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Why not take the night off cooking? With Donald Russell’s mouth-watering summer ideas try their top-notch, restaurant quality, meaty Lasagne using 100% Donald Russell beef steak and pork mince, hand made by professional chefs and inspired by a traditional Italian recipe for well balance flavours,

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Complete Your Meal with their new Vegetable Side Selection, buttery Mashed Potato, Creamy Savoy Cabbage, Carrots & Petits Pois in Bechamel, Cauliflower Cheese, Petits Pois and Bacon in Bechamel, Leaf Spinach in Bechamel.

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Buy Today! Traditional Butcher’s Cuts

The rich, comforting flavours of premium UK beef,

pork and lamb.

Inspired by traditional Butcher’s cuts from days gone by.

Value for money cuts, with their 100% guaranteed Donald Russell quality.