10. Dec, 2021

Ultra Accel II, you can power up your body each day with nature’s most potent and effective “longevi

The “immortality herb” that supercharges mitochondria and restores ATP energy levels


The most powerful, scientifically-backed
“longevity nutrients” help you reverse
the REAL cause of aging… feel years younger… and get healthier.

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“I’m 82-years-old, and people won’t believe me. They think that I’m younger than I am. I feel great with Ultra Accel II.”Elizabeth*

“Thank you very much, Dr. Sears. You have transformed my life. I am 70-years-old and could only walk short distances. Now, with Ultra Accel II, I can walk really well with very little discomfort.”Roberta D.*

“After taking your wonderful Ultra Accel II, my physical strength has improved and my blood pressure levels are within the normal range for the first time in 10 years.”Salahudeen A.*

“I noticed more energy within 24 hours of taking Ultra Accel II.

I was thrilled to have all that extra strength and endurance.”Karyn E.*

“With Ultra Accel II, my endurance doubled. I love it. There is really something about it that I can FEEL…it’s not just in your body, you can feel it mentally, too.

This is something I’ll be taking for a long time.”Jerry M.*

Now, you can control, even reverse, aging
in ways never before seen
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For the first time, with Ultra Accel II, you can power up your body each day with nature’s most potent and effective “longevity nutrients”… each geared to boosting the health, number and function of your cells’ mitochondria—the key to increasing your youthfulness and health-span.

Let me stress two points:

  1. If you keep your mitochondria healthy, your body will have the energy resources it needs to maintain its health and ward off the ill effects of aging.
  2. You can reverse the REAL cause of aging (mitochondrial decline) if you address the problem in the early stages, before it’s too late.

This is the exact same, scientifically-based formula my patients take to feel younger and get healthier… and now you can enjoy these special benefits, too.

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Assure II Heart Tonic


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The Ultimate Heart Support

When I wrote The Doctor’s Heart Cure, I was one of the first MDs to successfully challenge the medical establishment’s view of heart health, and correctly identify the specific heart-targeted nutrients that nourish your cardiovascular system.

Now there’s an easy way to get the benefit of EVERY recommendation I make in my book, at the levels I recommend. It’s called Assure II Heart Tonic.

Your heart needs specific nutrients to keep it going strong. When you don’t get them, your heart gets tired. But instead of carting around a bucket of pills, you can simply enjoy Assure II Heart Tonic. This great-tasting shake has a rich, chocolate flavor that comes from the exotic, heart-healthy cupuaçu fruit.

Cupuaçu has two unique, and previously unknown but potent antioxidants, giving this superfood an incredible 11 different antioxidants to help keep your heart healthy and strong!

Plus Assure II Heart Tonic is made with other energizing ingredients that help support and fortify your heart like:

  • Lycopene – Scientists have proven that this compound helps increase super oxide dismutase, or SOD, also known as the first and strongest antioxidant enzymes mobilized by your cells for defense.
  • Magnesium – Magnesium helps support healthy blood pressure within the normal ranges, regular and healthy heart rhythms, supports artery health and flexibility and over-all heart health.
  • Vitamin K2 – In a recent study, this vitamin was proven to support supple artery walls and improve vascular elasticity.

Assure II Heart Tonic is the perfect “vehicle” for getting your most important heart helpers right to where they’re needed. Try it for yourself today!

Size: Net wt. 18.5 oz. (525 grams)

List of Ingredients